The Album and it’s Cover Art

The Beatles Get Back / Let It Be Promo LP from 1969.

This is a studio session recording with banter and a segment of the Rooftop Concert.

Cover Artwork artist(s) are currently being investigated.

The artwork appears to be by John Lennon with Egyptian-Themed images possibly by Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr and George Harrison may have also contributed.


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This is a full-length, promo LP from the Beatles Get Back / Let It Be Sessions and Rooftop Concert with an interview Introduction on Side 1 by John Lennon. The original hand-drawn artwork depicts The Legend of King Lud who was the Founder of London and other London-related topics.

In the Dead Wax on Side 1 is inscribed “BM-1” and in the Dead Wax on Side 2 is inscribed “BM-2”. Both sides have a trail-off groove.

Both sides have a white label. On side 1 there is an inscription in the same pen as the artwork which reads 1LUD and two unidentified symbols. The label on side 2 is blank.


The playlist is unlike anything else from the Get Back / Let It Be Sessions Nagra Tapes. It appears to be absolutely unique.

There is studio banter throughout.

Playlist Side 1: John Lennon “Promo” Intro, Dig It, Let It Be, Tutti Frutti, Piano, Hey Jude, Teddy Boy.

Playlist Side 2: Suzy Parker, Don’t Let Me Down, Across The Universe, Shake Rattle n Roll, Kansas City, For You Blue, Get Back, The Walk, Two Of Us.

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