Researching the Cover Art (Pt.3):

Then the questions arose; who was King Lud and what is his story? I then did extensive research into the Legend of King Lud and found out what specific parts of the cover artwork were intended to illustrate though some elements of it still have no apparent explanation as to how they relate to King Lud, London, England in general, or The Beatles themselves. Once the story depicted by the overall artwork was discovered it became clear that the inscription on the label was in fact to indicate that it was Side 1 of LUD. This also corresponds to the engraving in the dead wax on the same side which is BM-1. The two odd symbols on the label which at first glance look like they may be number 8’s take on a more cryptic appearance on closer examination. They’re both made the same way which is by the intersection of 3 separate lines rather than by a single line as a number 8 is written. I’ve concluded simply by the unusual way they’re drawn that these symbols are definitely not number 8’s. What they are, I still haven’t been able to discover.

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  1. kps144 Post author

    It has been suggested that the two unexplained symbols on the label could be variations on the John Lennon wire framed “granny” glasses. If that’s what they are they would be a type of signature.

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