How this Beatles Album came to me (Pt.2):

In the late 1990’s I played it once for a friend of mine who knows a lot about The Beatles which at the time I did not. He wrote down the playlist and told me he thought it sounded like it was from the Get Back/Let It Be Sessions which still meant nothing to me.

Not long after that, I was able to ask a recording company executive when he was in Aspen, CO about it and he literally nearly fell over when I described it to him. He explained that the tapes of those sessions called the “Nagra Tapes” were still missing (which they were at that time). He said not to play it anymore as it may be an acetate so I followed his advice and didn’t play it. Life took some interesting turns soon after that and the record got burried once again in my storage unit and I didn’t do anything more in the way of research until the summer of 2011. It was then that I resumed my research into the origin and pedigree of this vinyl snippet from the 1969 Beatles Get Back/Let It Be recording sessions and the rooftop concert. I learned through my own research that it definitely is not an acetate recording.

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