How this Beatles Album came to me (Pt.1):

I received this LP in a stack of records someone was throwing away in September of 1989. It was obviously old by then and in the same condition it is in now. The person who was throwing them out asked me if I wanted them since he was just going to toss them into the dumpster otherwise, so I took them to add them to my collection. I shuffled through them right there and asked him what that one was and he had no idea what was on it and wasn’t even sure where or when he had acquired it and didn’t care. I wasn’t set up to play vinyl records at that time so it ended up being in my collection for at least 7 years without me knowing what was on it. After that time I got my old 70’s era turntable/stereo out of storage and began playing my long burried records (about 500 of them). When this one came up I played it and I was shocked.

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