Researching the Cover Art (Pt.2):

Then I showed it to a friend of mine in Colorado and pointed out specific things on both the label and the cover. She simply put two of those things together. I pointed out the profile of a king in the stone watchtower among other details and the lettering on the label which at the time could have been either ILUD or 1LUD. She took those two pieces, the “king” from the cover and the “LUD” from the label and without any prior knowledge of a King named Lud decided to type in “King Lud” for an internet search. That was when the cover art and the label inscription began to tell a coherent story. This launched me into a whole new direction of investigation into the origin of both the LP and the Cover Art and connected the two as much more than a random combination of pointless doodlings on an LP unrelated to the Cover Art. Now it was clear that the Record itself was directly connected intentionally to the Hand-Drawn Cover Artwork.

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